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          Creating Your Own Formulation Factory

          Formulation recipe study

          Send product list of targeted production and we will prepare the technology possibilties report

          Factory design

          Once the report is accepted by both parties blueprint design will be performed by our engineers

          Equipnent procurement

          Once lay-out has been agreed and local environment studies have been concluded, the detail equipment list and cost information is provided .Upon agreement we will provide financial service and settle delivery time

          Facility construction

          For installation of equipment our engineers team will travel to destination country for leading and organizing the plant installation.

          Raw material and surfactant supply

          We can supply TC products and we will provide surfactants according to agreed formulation recipes

          Joint venture

          In the following years a Chinese partner will be a key compeitive advantage for worldwide agrochemical business. Because of our big manufacturing base ,strong government relation, and technical experience in both synthesize and formulation. We are ready for business cooperation and establish long term partnership by joint venturing with key agrochemical players in establishing local formulation and also in developing synthesis factory in China.